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Heritage Stone Company Introduces New Product Range in Bathroom Tiles

Natural stone tiles are the perfect choice if you are considering new floors and walls in your bathroom. Bathroom tiles are required to be robust, water resistant and non slip which makes natural stone tiles ideal for bathrooms and adds value to your home. The timeless elegance of natural stone tiles means that they are never out of date or fashion. Natural stone tiles have been around for hundreds of years so have been proven to stand the test of time so are ideal for the hard wearing requirements of a bathroom.

You can choose from bathroom tiles in marble, limestone, slate and travertine and with all come in a range of natural colours from silver greys and blacks of the Silver Grey Slate, to natural cream and ivory tones of Ivory Travertine natural stone tiles, to coppers and browns of the Light Emperador Marble bathroom tiles. Each of these materials have come in a range of finishes from honed and tumbled which gives a natural edge to each tile to having filled and unfilled tiles which gives you the option of having a completely flat surface to each tile known as filled, or keeping the natural soft look of each tile known as unfilled.

Not only can you use natural stone bathroom tiles for floors but also walls and shower enclosures and bathroom surfaces, splashbacks and sink tops.
The standard and popular trend is to have the same colour and material over the floor area but trends come and go and it is very in vogue at the moment to have patterns and colour variations on the floor and wall areas. This may incorporate using a central floor tile design or a mosaic tile pattern in the centre of the room which really creates an individual and unique floor tile design.
Having border floor and wall bathroom tiles can really break up floor tile colours and larger border tiles will really make an impression. These can be larger tile sizes made from natural stone such as travertine tiles or granite tiles. The colour variations can also be changed adding real contrast.

Natural stone tiles come in a variety of sizes which can create a unique look to a bathroom from 900 x 900 sized flagstones of the Charcoal Black Slate Riven & Brushed Bathroom Tiles which are ideal for large spaces to 50 x 50 mm sized tiles available on a sheet for easy laying. Mosaic tiles make an ideal choice for borders and shower enclosures like the Bottocino Marble Mosaic Bathroom Tiles with each individual tile measuring 23 x 23 again available on a 305 x 305 sheet for easier laying. Pebble mosaic tiles make a unique feature in any bathroom with their rounded pebbles clustered together to make a beautiful natural look and feel to a bathroom.

Heritage Stone Company supply a wide range of natural stone floor tiles and wall tiles for use in bathrooms and all other living spaces. We also supply underfloor heating systems.

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