Why Can’t I Just Click and Order Tiles?

The products displayed here are special and require a more personal touch. We want to give you the best shopping experience, answer questions and provide a real person to guide you through the process. Once you place an inquiry, you will be paired with one of our Tile Specialists who will give you pricing, a formal quote, shipping costs and additional information. That same Tile Specialist will be with you to fulfil your order, set up shipments and provide any additional support you require.



With natural stone tile, handmade ceramics and mosaics, there is always variation in colour, texture and shading. Your Tile Specialist will do their best to represent these products to you through samples, pictures and descriptions. This takes a bit more time and effort, but it is worth it in the end and your project will benefit.


Images on this website have been very carefully calibrated for colour with state of the art equipment, something we take great care and pride in. However, different computer monitors and equipment will represent the same colours with varying results. This is why we take a different approach to selling specialty tile products online.

Why Choose a Stone Tile?

it provides a durable, long lasting surface that is hygienic which is great for allergen sufferers as there is no odour and doesn’t attract dirt. It adapts to temperatures meaning it absorbs heat and radiates heat – which is brilliant for under floor heating systems and it’s very easy to clean and keep clean.

Will adding natural stone to my home increase its value?

Yes, natural stone has the potential to increase overall value to a property as it is long lasting and durable, gives a clean and overall ascetically pleasing look.

How long will a stone floor last?

If maintained your natural stone floor will last generations.

Why do I have to seal natural stone?

Natural stone benefits from being sealed because by its very nature they are porous. The sealant acts as a water-proofing barrier to help prevent any staining.