Natural Stone Tile Finishes & Textures

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Our stones come in a range of finishes – these may be for aesthetic or practical effect. In a bathroom, for example, you may want a more textured finish for better slip resistance. If you are restoring a heritage property, an ageing process such as distressed will help you to
match existing materials.

Distressed flat surface, fettered and cushioned edges, usually crafted by hand.

Etched sand-blasted finish for texture.

Honed leaves the surface smooth and flat.

Riven naturally split stone.

Satino textured surface, edges usually square.

Seasoned is a combination of tumbled and satino with rounded edges and a textured, non-slip surface.

Tumbled soft, round edges, grained surface.

Velvet the stone is sandblasted to give it a bleached, etched effect and then undergoes a satino process which gives it a tactile, velvety feel.

Vintaged textured surface with fettered edges.

Weathered hand fettered edges, open-grain surface.

Worn a smoothing process to create the effect of antique, riven flagstones.

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