Farley Limestone Seasoned ~Ca’Pietra

Size (mm)
560 x random x 22 – RRP £62.29 m2  ex VAT
Greek pattern x 20 – RRP £63.71 m2  ex VAT
Cobbles 150 x Random x 22 – RRP £77.91 m2  ex VAT
Parquet 70 x 300 x 20 – RRP £68.75 m2  ex VAT
Bull nosed coping 400 & 900 x 40 – RRP £75.52 each  ex VAT

The tones may be soft and mued, but the stone is as hard as nails - virtually indestructible, in fact. The natural face of this Ca'Pietra stone is smoothed off, then 'seasoned' to give you the appearance of a time-worn, country-house floor. Suitable for interior and external use, pool surrounds, sealing required.

Suitable for domestic, light use commercial interior floors, external paving, heaving commercial interior floors.