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Lily Pad Porcelain Pistachio matt


Size (mm)
200 x 230 x 8 RRP £1.92 per tile

30 tiles per sq/m. Sold in packs of 10.



All prices exclude VAT


Product Description

Carpietra Lily Pad porcelain tile collection offers staple interior colours, suitable for any kitchen, bathroom or living space. The tiles are machine-made, need little maintenance and are thinner than their cement sister, making them ideal for wall installation.

As one of the UK’s leading tile wholesalers, Heritage Stone provides marble to the greatest rank of developers, builders, and performance individual companies who just want the greatest. Heritage Stone accomplishes that underlying promise by manufacturing ca pietra lily pad tiles for floors and walls that go far beyond utility to make a statement.

The advantages of ca pietra lily pad tiles

Finishes that spend more time and resist wear better than other competitors
Maintenance requirements are minimal.
Beautiful tiles in a wide range of styles, patterns, and thicknesses.
Appropriate for places with something like a lot of foot circulation.
Moisture-resistant and long-lasting
Cleaning is a breeze.

Quality floor and wall tiles are often not economical but also extremely attractive. These tiles would be used to establish a statement in luxury apartments, bathrooms, kitchens, and other living areas. When collaborating with other high-end firms, the company’s connections with other top manufacturers make it simple to incorporate design advancements.

The ca pietra lily pad Collection makes the use of such a stunning and contemporary interlocking honeycomb structure. Choose from Stella’s Smoke’s deep grey tones or this ca pietra lily pad tiles to brighten the appearance of your space.

One fascinating alternative is to make a feature wall out of the colors and place the bathtub in front of it for a soothing outlook. Heritage Stone seems to have a neutral elegance to it, whereas Lily Pad in Plaster features warm peach tones — pink without being overwhelmingly sweet and precious, which itself is ideal for creating an oasis of tranquility and clarity for going to get away from the hustle and bustle of life.

The ca pietra lily pad tiles should be used on walls or floors, and they create a great first appearance when employed in passageways and entrances and exits.

When utilized on bathroom floors with a roll-top tub painted in Carter’s Rose, one of the Lily Pad Collection’s subdued pinks, these Lily Pad tiles build a wonderful aesthetic.

If you have a tiny bathroom without the need for a tub, you might even want to try utilizing them to decorate the walls. Incorporating organic green to the space means bringing the floors and walls together in regard to the concept.

If you want to show off your bathroom in a proud but sophisticated way, use Lily Pad porcelain pistachio mac. The shade might not be too busy to use on both the floor and the walls, but you might also complement it with Charlotte’s Whisper, a delicate grey that combines very well for the Peacock.